eco-friendly lodging in Holbox

eco-friendly lodging in Holbox

Think about booking an eco-cabin on your next visit to Holbox.

During your vacations in this lovely place that is a part of the Yum Balam Biosphere Reserve, you can stay in eco-cabins on the little island of Holbox in the Mexican Caribbean, which is located in Quintana Roo.

To help you choose the best hotel for your upcoming holiday in Holbox, we’ve listed some top options below.

Mawimbi Holbox

All of Mawimbi Holbox’s eco-cabins have a view of the beach; the region is surrounded by wildlife and large stretches of white sand.

Holbox is the perfect place for you to experience love; you’ll adore its Mayan-inspired decor and use of locally created goods because the area’s amenities are attained through entrepreneurship.

Mawimbi Holbox

It is crucial that you understand how dedicated Mawimbi is to protecting the environment.

As a result, during construction, they recycled tree trunks to create benches, tables, and roofs, among other things that are now used throughout the complex.

Additionally, they used old Guatemalan ponchos to create the complex’s curtains, bedspreads, and pillows.

Para Ti  Holbox

Para Ti Holbox is one of the eco-cabins that cares about sustainability, the preservation of nature, as well as not demeaning local jobs; as a result, they have sought to preserve everything in the area, giving work to the same local people, and promoting the growth of adjacent villages.

Although most of Para Ti’s walls and ceilings are built of repurposed wood and other materials, this does not lessen comfort because they provide comfortable and opulent mattresses, as well as safety from mosquitoes with mosquito nets in the Windows and hammocks crafted by local artists where you may relax.

Its facilities are natural and were created by Yucatecan craftsmen and artisans.

more eco-friendly lodging in Holbox are :

Aldea Kuka

One of Holbox’s eco-cabins, only admits adults.

It is opulent and comfortable since, in addition to this kind of lodging, it also has a hotel with furnished suites and lodgings that put you in touch with nature.

You can pick between accommodations with views of the sea or the mangroves when staying here.

Once you’ve settled into your room, take advantage of the opportunity to later enjoy a starry night in Holbox during a bioluminescent night to be amazed by this rare natural phenomenon that only occurs on some Mexican beaches.

Casa Hridaya

Stay in one of Holbox’s eco-cabins, Casa Hridaya, to get away from the bustle of the city.

This ecovillage is situated in a region with indigenous plants and animals, so when it was built, care was taken to try to preserve the area.

Its name means “Heart,” and it’s the ideal location for wellness tourism because it provides peace and solitude along with a breathtaking view of the sea.


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