yalahau lagoon

yalahau lagoon

The Yalahau Cenote (Ojo de Agua), which is 30 minutes by boat from Holbox, is a location with fresh waters that, according to traditions, have peculiar powers because it is said that while submerged in them, people will feel as if they had 10 years less.

This lagoon, which is now a lovely tourist resort and is a part of a protected nature reserve, was formerly the main supply of fresh water on the island of Holbox.


In ancient times, this cenote was particularly significant for fisherman since they could cool off here after a strenuous day at sea, but it was also a key port for Mayan traders.


From the greatest vantage point of the viewpoint situated here, you can see this spring, which is a sizable natural pool where fresh water runs and is surrounded by vegetation, trees, and bushes.


In addition to all of the aforementioned, this small island served as a haven for pirates. One such pirate was Francisco de Molas, who lived here for just over 40 years and forbade anyone from trying to draw water from the reservoir. It was on this island that he decided to bury his great treasure. According to legend, he hired one of his servants to help him bury him, but as he already knew where he had been, he ordered that his head be cut off, and


Visitors can now visit the island, partake in delectable sandwiches in the palapa that has been built just before arriving at the waterhole, and cool off in the Yalahau Cenote.


You must be aware that there are no stores or restaurants nearby, so pack your snacks and food before leaving Holbox if you want to enjoy a family picnic.